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1.     Introduction

 DOKLAO (Discovery of Lao Knowledge) started in 1992, began with Media Unit of Padetc.   Until 2009, Media Unit had changed the name to DOKLAO to push for space for people to have more meaningful inputs into an essentially state-controlled media institution. Needless to say this has not been an easy task given its political sensitivity. it has been able to build trust with the media institutions by working in a non-threatening way and support the building of capacity of the staff of the state media institutions to produce more interesting programs to attract more audience. After many years of hard work it has successfully made inroads into the state-controlled media through the following activities covering all sectors of the media.

2.     Objective

DOKLAO engage in communications for social change by producing and distributing editorially independent TV, video and cartoon books. We also provide training for communities in TV production, film making and journalism so they can tell their stories well.

3.     Main activities



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